We provide the following services to our clients on a retainer agreement.  
• Lifestyle/Product Reels   • Lifestyle/Product Photos   • Professional Headshots   
• (1-2 min) Promo Videos   • Customer Testimonials • Marketing & Ads
Q.  What is a Campaign?
A campaign is a planned series of video or photo-based activities to achieve specific goals within a set timeframe. It involves creating and distributing videos across various platforms to reach and engage with a target audience whether you're launching a new product or service.
Q.  How can a Campaign benefit my business?
A successful marketing campaign can significantly benefit your business by boosting brand awareness, attracting new customers, and fostering loyalty. Through strategic engagement with your target audience, campaigns differentiate your brand, drive revenue growth, and provide valuable insights for future decisions.
Q. Is there a waitlist for the retainer agreements?
We help businesses create ORIGINAL content, to do this we must limit the number of clients we can accept for our campaigns or retainer agreements to keep your quality of content in check.  From time to time we may close submissions due to capacity
Q. What is your process for creating and delivering video content?
Our process involves understanding your goals, planning the concept, pre-production tasks like scripting and location scouting, filming, post-production editing, feedback and revisions, and final delivery of the video content.  Think of us as your personal media team.  We prioritize communication and collaboration to ensure the content aligns with your objectives and brand identity.  Every project is uniquely different although what remains the same is the output of quality.

Q. How much is the cost difference between plans?
Our plans were created with the business owner in mind.  Contact us HERE to request a pricing brochure for our retainer agreements and save with consistent content.

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